Wednesday, April 12, 2006

The Peanut Cometh

Congratulate me. My little brother and his wife are going to have a baby. The parents of my new favorite human on this earth (besides my dear Ramon, of course) are due in early December.

Apparently the Peanut is 4mm long, has a brand-new heartbeat and is at the present genderless. Despite my efforts to convince them to name the child, give it a gender and push it out NOW Nathan and Elizabeth have preached patience and I'm holding on for the moment. Barely. I want it in my arms, dammit.

[Apologies, by the way, to Mindy. I know we called your sweetie "the Peanut" when she was in utero, but I figured that now that Lily is a big girl - 7 months, no less - and has been named Sweetie-Pants, Loveykins, Lilliputian, Filly, La Petite Monstre, The Child and Pooter Jr. by Ramon and I that she'd be willing to give up her former moniker.]

My mom and Christy, Elizabeth's mom, are now grandmothers and dancing in their respective kitchens. This is especially noteworthy of my Mum, since she has previously not danced according to her scriptural reservations. Peanut, you're already corrupting our morals! Rest assured that Aunt Cerise will endeavor to do likewise to you. Dad just chuckles and observes that the kid's doomed from the start to partake fully of our two-family madness.

Much love to the three of you, Nathan, Elizabeth and especially my Natheth (or Elizaban) Jr.

Your favorite (back off, Claire!!!) Aunt.


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