Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Predictable vs. Well-Loved

Have you ever had your behavior predicted with stunning accuracy by your beloved? It's a strange thing, innit? I was hunkered in front of the computer entering our receipts into our money program the other day and decided that I couldn't go on without some music. Ramon was in the kitchen on dish patrol (I miss living with a dishwasher). As soon as "Isis" blasted out of the computer speakers I heard a chuckle from the kitchen. "What!?" I demanded.

"You always play Bob Dylan when you do the money, love."

[pause - while I spend a moment trying to decide whether to be disgusted at being so predictable or to be delighted to be the object of close loving observation. I opt for delight.] "REALLY? You reeeally know what music I'm going to put on when I do the money??" I myself didn't even notice that.

Dear Reader, is it not wonderful to be loved by someone who sees and knows you - sometimes better than you know yourself? I know this subject has been done to death by a multitude of people over many, many years, but I'm always amazed at how unknowingly we (or, at least, I do it unknowingly) bear witness to the lives of those we love. I chose Ramon (and married him) because I love him, wanted to spend the rest of my life by his side, wanted his company and love always. I also, by choosing him as my mate for life, signed on to be the closest witness of his life. His doings, accomplishments, failures, hopes and fears, sorrows and joys. As he does for me. We had no idea. It's cool, though, isn't it? And it shows itself in the little things we can observe and even predict about each other.

This week I'm going to watch him more closely - try to divine his mood, for instance, without the customary 20 questions about how he's doing. Watch how he does things, what upsets and delights him. How he interacts with our lovely girls (cats - more on them later, be assured). How often he laughs. How he cooks so much neater than me. This is what I agreed to, though I didn't know it at the time. It's turning out to be one of my favorite parts of being Ramon's other half.



Blogger Aly H. said...

There are few fates as wonderful as committing oneself to loving and watching. Viva la marriage.

9/29/2005 8:08 AM  
Blogger Morphea said...

Unless they piss you off, of course. Then their little observed cute foible become ammo. And vice versa. [sigh]

But we don't do that, do we?


9/29/2005 8:33 AM  
Blogger Aly H. said...

Us?? Nooo....

9/29/2005 9:54 AM  
Blogger Karen said...

I love reading about you and Ramon Cerise! It has been fun the last few weeks "getting to know you" over at AddisonRd also. At least on my end. The things you write make me want to lift the ideas and write them in my blog. :0) Thanks for being so open.

10/01/2005 1:19 PM  
Blogger Morphea said...

Same to you, my dear. Addison Rd. is way too fun.


10/01/2005 5:46 PM  

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