Wednesday, May 17, 2006

For You, Introspectre

My dear, you had said once that you'd like to find out what I'd write about you in this post. I never have been able to come up with something, and babe, I've tried.

I decided to let it rest when I picked up my favorite book by my favorite author of all time that I hadn't read for a while and the heroine wore your face. It's so weird - it came naturally to me while I read the first few pages of the well-worn novel that in my imagination she looked like you. I can work out a bit of the mystery - you and the heroine share attitudes and strengths and you could even fit her physical description. Fortunately Robin McKinley's physical descriptions are always vague by design. Face it, kiddo - you are Sunshine. This has never happened to me before. Now go read it. Go.



Anonymous introspectre said...

Oh shit! I'm on my way to the library website to put it on hold right now! Hi-ho! Away!

(will return for lavish compliments and/or questions later)


5/18/2006 4:03 AM  
Blogger Morphea said...

[chuckles] Yeah, really. You'll come in here screaming, "In what way, exactly, do I resemble this harpy?!?" and then I'll be in for it.


5/18/2006 8:06 AM  
Blogger introspectre said...

You are right.
My husband just finished reading it and agrees.
The weirdest thing of all is is that you don't even know HOW right.
I like that voodoo that you do, so well.

5/31/2006 6:51 AM  
Blogger introspectre said...

Hey, in case I haven't told you, I'm like, so totally your super best friend, and you are like, for REAL totally in the clubhouse. FOREVER. Ok?

8/25/2006 2:38 PM  

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