Monday, February 06, 2006

All Back to Normal

Ahhh. My Difficult 3 Weeks is officially over. And it wasn't too bad.

Simone's butt is healed, her cone-collar has been off since Thursday, and she's all but forgotten those dark days of injury and discomfort. To celebrate the loss of that collar, she has made up for 12 days of almost no grooming by licking nearly all of the fur off her belly. Anticipating many, many hairballs underfoot in the days to come.

The symphony lived through 2 straight weeks of performing - first Mozart's "Requiem" and then this last week Mozart's Grand Mass in C Minor. Both were beautiful. Ramon attended both and preferred the C Minor - it is a little more striking, with double choir portions, etc.

Anyway, it's all over. I have a week of no evenings spent anywhere but at home, trying to make myself pay bills and do housework. And cheering myself and Ramon up, since the Seahawks lost and all of Seattle is sulking. Hell, I feel bad for them, though football interests me not at all. I'm so proud of them for making it to the Super Bowl (which I didn't watch). Truly. But it's not happy around here. The sun has come out full blast, after weeks and weeks of clouds and rain, just to cheer us up, I think. Poor old Seattle. On the bus last night on our way to thai food, the atmosphere was quiet, sad and more than a little beery. I'm serious - the whole bus smelled like very sad beer breath.

Ah, coupla latt├ęs and we'll be fine...