Monday, May 21, 2007

Post-Breakfast Conversation, Sunday

[Foreward: Ramon and I play one of those obnoxious marital we-are-SO-connected games where one person uses an obscure movie quote, yells "WHAT MOVIE?!?" and expects the other to guess. If the spouse is not successful, the challenger then continues to recite additional obscure quotes from the movie, getting more and more into the obvious quotes until the spouse successfully guesses. For example, an obscure quote from Ghostbusters II: "Let's see what happens when we take away the puppy." And an obvious one: "Boys, boys, you're scaring the straights, okay?" Get the game? Good. Great. You've now plumbed one of the funnier bits of our marriage. Welcome.]

Ramon and Cerise are sitting replete after a bacon and biscuits breakfast:

C: "Can I cook, or can't I? WHAT MOVIE?!?"

R: "Huh? That's a movie quote?"

C: "Yeah. You know! 'Can I cook, or can't I'. Come on!"

R: "Nope. Nothing. Give me another quote from the movie."

C: "I don't KNOW any other quotes from that movie. It's not that quote-able of a movie."


C: "Oh, wait. KHAAAAAAAANNNNN!!!!!"