Thursday, May 18, 2006

New Weird Fetish

You know how people eating on the phone is the grossest thing to bloody listen to? Usually (even at work) when someone's eating or chewing gum during our phone converstation I'll aggressively question this life choice right into their ear. "Whatcha eating?" "What kind of gum is that?" I'm not kidding. I'll risk strife and personal insult if I can just get Nathan to stop putting Doritos in his fool mouth (just kidding - love you bro). This goes for everybody, no exceptions.

Except, apparently, for my own dear husband. I called Ramon at work to see how he was doing and he took the phone from his boss/friend - "Yah?" He was munching on something and for some freaked-out reason I just though it was hot as hell. He said it was an apple and apologized, but I urged him to carry on. Whoa. I mean, my mind went blank, I started stuttering like a damned twit and totally forgot what I had called for. I even started up a physical response to the whole thing. I'll spare you the details (sorry, Introspectre). So. There you have it, Dear Reader. I get turned on listening to my husband talk on the phone to me whilst eating an apple. Write that down.

If he ever starts travelling for work it'll be such a great system. He can call me from the road in the evening and eat pretzels while Yeah.

I really hope my parents don't read this blog.


Wednesday, May 17, 2006

For You, Introspectre

My dear, you had said once that you'd like to find out what I'd write about you in this post. I never have been able to come up with something, and babe, I've tried.

I decided to let it rest when I picked up my favorite book by my favorite author of all time that I hadn't read for a while and the heroine wore your face. It's so weird - it came naturally to me while I read the first few pages of the well-worn novel that in my imagination she looked like you. I can work out a bit of the mystery - you and the heroine share attitudes and strengths and you could even fit her physical description. Fortunately Robin McKinley's physical descriptions are always vague by design. Face it, kiddo - you are Sunshine. This has never happened to me before. Now go read it. Go.


Geeking Out

I just watched the 7-minute preview for X-Men 3 and I will be good for nothing for the rest of the day. I'm so excited I'm worried about suddenly bursting into song at the staff meeting today. Steady, Cerise. Steady.