Friday, October 13, 2006

Superstition Ain't the Way, Naw Naw Naw

Unbelievable. Regardless of whether or not we believe that Friday the 13th is an incredibly unlucky day, for me this has been at least not a good day. A list:

1. Our company's server crashed with a mighty boom. In the middle of post-quarter scrambling. When we need all the databases our server...uh, serves...the most. It has made everyone a little touchy, since in my line of work many things can't be delayed by a day. Money is lost.

2. I just got what's going around this god-be-damned petri dish of a city. Bad, bad, bad head cold. I'm so high on drugs that I barely remember my own name.

3. I personally have work assignments requiring that I work smarter and faster than I've ever worked before. This on cold medication is remarkably peculiar. Fortunately I'm too drugged-up to panic.

4. The cold has made me so sleepy and contagious that I will not be able to drive home to spend the weekend with my beloved parents, accompanying my mother to two fun-filled baby showers for my sister. We would have had a good time. Now she'll have a good time and call me from time to time to make sure I'm well-stocked with lemons and honey. I love my Mum.

5. [OVERSHARE ALERT] It's that time of the month again, with all the skin afflictions, grouchiness, temperamental bowels and, oh yeah, bleeding and back pain that that implies.

I feel like shaking my fist at the sky and yelling, "WHAT ELSE YOU GOT??"

Maybe on the 14th.


P.S. Lest the Universe remind me, I really do know that these are all temporary discomforts at the very worst. My life is awfully good almost all of the time and man, it could be so much worse. And honestly, the Dayquil has gotten me in such a state of blissful highness, I'm really not feeling as pitiful as I sound.


Anonymous el gato gordo said...

After reading #2, are you sure that everything that happened on Friday wasn't just all in your head??? Take a shot of Nyquil and ponder that for a while.

P.S. I am disappointed that my Cat request for Sugar Shock of the Day was flat out ignored. I'm beginning to think that this blog only cares about appealing to ass-sniffing mongrels.

10/16/2006 8:34 PM  

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